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The story

Hi folks, if you've been a visitor to the site for a while you know that this is a great place to get info on rare Stephen King books. If you're interested read on for a little story on me & how the site came to be.


I first discovered Stephen King books in middle school. The first book I read was The Eyes of the Dragon. The combination of great story and crude language was irresistible to a 14 year old and I started reading more of his books from there. I loved every one. Around that time I got to know the owner of a local used bookstore quite well and he did his best to find books i was interested in - I did my best to spend my paper route money there :) .....Soon my collection of 1st editions grew, one $10-$20 book at a time. I thought it was pretty neat to have a collection of 1st editions, even if the really early ones were out of my price range.


Fast forward to 1999 - I get my first job out of college, at a dot com. I've suddenly gone from broke college student to making more then I ever had. Combined with a living space bigger then a dorm room I decided it was a perfect time to get back to expanding my book collection, starting with those early Stephen King 1st editions I was missing.

I headed to a relatively new auction site called ebay and started searching for Stephen King books. Imagine my surprise when I found a "Limited edition" book called Dolan's Cadillac up for sale. WOW! This book was signed by Stephen King and was individually numbered - one of only 1,000 copies ever made. But at a few hundred dollars it sure was expensive!

I turned towards the trusty internet looking for more information on the book, and trying to find what other books were out there. Unfortunately I couldn't find much at all. Eventually I came upon Betts Books and got a hold of the owner, Stu Tinker. He told me a new book was coming out that would answer most of my questions Stephen King Collectibles - An Illustrated Price Guide by George Beahm

Once I got the book it seemed like everything I wanted, showing me info on books I didn't even know existed AND a value for each book. Armed with this newfound knowledge I went back to ebay and the few bookstore websites around looking for these books. But there was a problem. Many of the prices seemed to low. Some by a little, others by a lot. I emailed George about this and he explained to me that the prices change and while the prices were accurate at the time of publishing they're bound to be off a bit now.


I realized that this collectibles book market was very similar to the MTG trading cards I used to collect as a kid. What was needed was a regular price guide....and since no one was making one I would do it!

Of course in those beginning days I was pretty clueless, putting up info as I found it. You can see an early version of the site here I reached out to the booksellers I met online and tried to find other collectors. As time went on collectors found me. These early visitors to the site stepped up in a big way, volunteering information I was missing, answering my questions and suggesting new topics for the site.

Over the years the site has grown to what you see today, thanks to collectors like you! To keep it growing, don't hesitate to suggest new things for the site, e-mail me with any info I'm missing and visit the forums to talk with other King fans like you and me!


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